Experience & Course Syllabi

As an Assistant and Associate Professor, I have designed and taught 27 different sections of five courses in the Department of Geology at San José State University (SJSU). Recent course syllabi for these classes are provided below.

(1) Geology 7: Earth, Time, and Life. A lower division general education (GE) course (with lab) that is also a required course for geology majors (6 sections). Syllabus.

(2) Geology 107: Prehistoric Life. An upper division GE course (11 sections). Syllabus. Syllabus.

(3) Geology 142: Paleontology. A course (with lab) populated by mostly by undergraduate geology majors and graduate students (5 sections). Syllabus.

(4) Geology 242: Advanced Paleontology. An advanced graduate course on paleontology featuring seminar-style discussions and an independent research project (3 sections). Syllabus.

(5) Geology 285: Graduate Seminar. Discussion-based course with topics including the Cambrian Explosion and Mass Extinctions (2 sections). Syllabus.

In addition to formal teaching in the classroom, I also mentor student research and participate in educational outreach activities (please see the Outreach page).